Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christopher H Bridgeman Jr

Missing: January 1, 1963 from Thurston County, Washington
DOB: December 23, 1929       Age: 33  
Race: Caucasian   Sex: Male     Height: 5'10    Weight: 160 lbs    Hair: Brown

Christopher H Bridgeman Jr was last seen January 1, 1963 at The Barrett Motel on Martins Way East. He was there on a visitation with his six-year-old son. He left the child alone in the motel saying that he had to go see his father. He never returned and two days later the hotel manager took the child to his uncle's house.

Bridgeman was a country singer/guitarist who was known to travel along the west coast and had a hit song that played on the local radio. His children originally assumed their father abandoned them to pursue a music career, however it is no longer believed that he left of his own accord. The Social Security Administration reports that Bridgeman has had no earnings since 1963. There has also been no contact with his loved ones.

Some family members believe that his Christopher Bridgeman Sr. may be responsible for his son's disappearance. He was known to have a bad temper and may have been suffering from psychological problems. He told family members that he filed a missing persons report, but there is no record one was ever filed until decades after his disappearance. Bridgeman's drivers license was also discovered with his fathers belongings, which raised further suspicion. The family believes his father killed him and buried him in the basement.

Investigators searched the basement in 2005, but turned up only animal bones. They  stated that the home is now too unstable for further investigation.

No one has been charged in the disappearance of Christopher Bridgeman Jr. and his case remains unsolved. Foul play is suspected.

Anyone with information
 is asked to contact:

Thurston County Sheriffs Office
Detective Louise Adams


Friday, December 17, 2010

Roger Ralph Packer

Roger Ralph Packer
Missing: December 5, 1979 from Tempe, Arizona

Vital stats:  Caucasian      Male     Age: 25 years      DOB: November 13, 1953     Height: 5'6"-5'8"     Weight: 130-140 lbs

Circumstances of disappearance:

Packer was last seen in Tempe, Arizona on December 5, 1979. He is believed to have left on vacation and was travelling to the Pacific Northwest. He has never been seen again.

On December 12, 1979, the vehicle Packer was travelling in was found abandoned in Payson, Arizona at  The East Verde River Campgrounds. He is missing under suspicious circumstances.

Anyone with information is asked to contact:

Tempe Police Department

The Charley Project--Roger Ralph Packer

Suzanne Marie Schultz

Suzanne Marie Schultz, age 17
Missing: December 1978 from Black Earth, Wisconsin

Vital Stats:

Race/ethinicity: Caucasian    Sex:  female    Age: 17     DOB: April 2, 1961   
Height: 5'6     Weight: 120 lbs     Hair: brown    Eyes: green

Circumstances of disappearance:

Suzanne Schultz left her family's home in Black Earth, Wisconsin sometime in December if 1978. The exact date she was last seen is not known. She contacted her family several months later in July of 1979 from Tampa, Florida. She told them that she was planning on returning home to Wisconsin. It is believed that she was sharing a residence with a male companion at the time. She never returned home. The vehicle she was travelling in was later found abandoned in chicago, Illinois. There has been no word of Suzanne since.

Anyone with information should contact:
Dane County Sheriff's Office


Nikole Betterson

Nikole Betterson, 1977
Missing: December 1977 from Dearborn, Michigan

Vital Stats:

Race: Biracial; African-American/Caucasian     Sex: Female     Age: 2 years     Hair: Brown/black

Circumstances of disappearance:

Nikole's mother, Susan Klingel, was killed in a car accident over Labor Day weekend in 1977. Her father, Jarrett Betterson was driving. Nikole and Jarrett were also in the accident, but were not seriously injured. Marijuana was found in the vehicle and there was talk of charging Jarrett with vehicular homicide. However, the investigation was sloppy and charges were never brought.

Susan and Jarrett were never married and a short time after Susan's death, Jarrett began dating a woman named Barbara.

Jarrett, Barbara and Nikole visited with the Klingel family around Christmas in 1977. The Kilingel's were told that Jarrett and Barbara were moving out west to start a new life. They never told the Klingels exactly where they were going, but they told friends they were moving to Las Vegas and others said they were going to California. They took Nikole away with them and the kilingels never heard from them again.

After 20 years, the Klingels hired a private investigator and began searching for Nikole. The investigator located Jarrett and Barbara, who were now married and living in Las Vegas. The couple were reportedly living in poverty and poor health and there was no sign of Nikole. The private investigator notified authorities and the case landed on the desk of Jeff Rosgen of the Las Vegas Police department.

After searching through records, Rosgen was unable to find any evidence that Nikole ever arrived in Las Vegas with Jarrett and Barbara. The only records were her Social Security Orphan's benefits, which were picked up monthly by her father until the day Nikole turned 18.

Unable to find any information on Nikole's fate, Detective Rosgen went to visit the Bettersons. Bluffing, he told Jarrett that he knew what happened to Nikole and promised him leniency if he would give them the full story. Jarrett agreed to set up a meeting with the Police Department to discuss Nikole within a week. A few days later, Jarrett contacte the detective and asked for more time. it was the last contact they had with Jarrett Betterson.

Joni Betterson, Jarrett's mother, recieved a letter from Barbara in the days following.

It read:

"By the time you get this we should be dead," Barbara wrote. "Jarrett is about to go to jail and I don't want to live without him. I'm sorry about living apart from our family. I'm sorry about so many things. We've had a sad and difficult life."

Enclosed with the letter was a money order for $900 to pay for the cremation. There was no mention in the letter about the fate of Nikole, who would have been 22 years old at the time.

 "We had hoped our troubles would never touch our families so we kept to ourselves," Barbara said in her final letter to Jarrett's mother. "We've tried to follow God. Now it's about time for him to judge us."

Their bodies weren't discovered for three weeks. There were several eviction notices affixed to their door for non-payment of rent. Jarrett had shot his wife in the chest and placed a bible and red rose on her chest, then went into an adjoining bedroom, wrapped himself in a blanket and shot himself.

 "Go to your Bibles to see peace," she wrote, "and please forgive us for all the wounds we have put in your hearts with our tragic and youthful blunders."
The suicide of Jarrett Betterson stalled the investigation into Nikole's disappearance. The police had no evidence that a crime had been committed without Jarrett's information. Her case remains unsolved, but foul play is suspected.

Anyone with information
 is asked to contact:
Jeff Rosgen
Las Vegas Police Department


" Suicides leave questions of child's fate unanswered";
Las Vegas Review Journal; Mon. 15 Jun 1998

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Laurie Lynn Partridge

Laurie Lynn Partridge, 1974

Laurie Lynn Partridge; age 17
Vital Stats:

Race: Caucasian     Sex: Female    Age: 17 years    DOB: 13 May 1957  
Height: 5'0     Weight: 110 lbs
Hair: Blonde    Eyes: Blue    *Laurie has a mole on her right cheek

Clothing: Long navy blue hooded coat; a tan v-neck sweater; tan plaid pants; faded blue oxford shoes with crepe soles; She was carrying a brown leather purse with a blue flower on it and a braided shoulder strap

Circumstances of disappearance:

Laurie disappeared walking home from Ferris High School in Spokane, Washington on December 4, 1974. She left the school early that day, at around 12:30, because she was suffering from stomach cramps. She couldn't find a ride and thought that walking might help alleviate the cramps, so she set off on the 2 mile walk toward her home on the 5400 block of South Custer St. 

She was last seen walking down south down Havanna St. between 43rd and 49th avenues. She never arrived home and has not been heard from again.

Her family reported her missing when she failed to report for work at the Lincoln Heights Theater that evening. Police originally believed that Laurie might have run away. Laurie's family had once lived in California and she had expressed a desire to return there. Her family never believed Laurie would have left of her own accord. She was engaged to a 20-year-old local man and they were supposed to pick out an engagement ring the following evening. She also took a job working on her school newspaper and was a member of the school drill team.

Two days after she disappeared, the contents of Laurie's purse were found near the area where she was last seen.

Her father had given Laurie two tickets to an upcoming Beach Boys concert, taking place after the time she disappeared. Police went to the concert to see if Laurie would show up there. She was not seen, however. It was later confirmed that the tickets were used, but it was never determined who used them.

Laurie was the oldest of six siblings. Her family members are still searching for answers as to what happened to her. Three suspects were questioned in her case over the years following her disappearance, including Ted Bundy, but no arrests were ever made. Her case remains unsolved.

Anyone with information
is asked to contact:
Spokane County Sheriffs Department


Jody Lawrence-Turner, staff writer; "Reward Reopens Girls '74 Vanishing: Ferris Student Last Seen Walking Home". The; archives; 6 May 2006

"Dozens of Missing Children in Washington; 2 in Spokane". 29 Mar 2007.

Jamie Rochelle Grissim

Jamie Rochelle Grissim

Missing from: Vancouver, Washington since December 7, 1971

DOB: 11 Nov 1955        Age: 16 years         Height: 5'4-5'5         Weight: 125 lbs   
Hair: Brown       Eyes: Brown

Other info: hair had been bleached blonde prior to the time she went missing--was just beginning to turn back to its natural brown color and appeared a reddish color; wore reading glasses; pierced ears; missing tooth #15. Suffered from a skin condition called dermagraphia, where red itchy lines appear on the skin where a person scratches. Suffered from some hearing loss in one ear.

Clothing/jewelry: a crew neck red and white horizontally striped top with puffy sleeves; hip-hugger blue jeans; white sneakers with handmade drawings and the words 'peace' and 'love' written on them. may have been wearing a long tan corduroy coat and long dangling earrings.

Circumstances of disappearance:

Jamie disappeared on December 7, 1971 from Vancouver, Washington. It has been confirmed that she arrived at school and attended classes at Fort Vancouver High School that day. She had only two classes that day and told her Foster mother that she would return home around 1 or 1:30 pm. While waiting for the bus, she had a brief conversation with her younger sister. She told her that she intended on walking home from school that day. The walk would have been about four miles.

When her sister returned home that afternoon, she expected to see Jamie, but she wasn't there. Her sister set about calling Jamie's friends in an attempt to locate her. Police were notified that evening, when she didn't return by dark.

Police originally believed that Jamie was a runaway, so wasn't listed as officially missing until January of 1972. Her family members never believed that she would have left on her own. She was very close to her younger sister and got along well with her foster mother. She was a good student and a talented artist and writer. She also had a savings account that had not been touched since she disappeared.

In May of 1972, some of Jamie's personal belongings were found scattered along an isolated road in the Dole valley area of Northern Clark County, about 40 miles from her home.

Police now suspect that Jamie is the first victim of suspected serial killer, Warren Leslie Forrest.

Forrest was a Clark County Parks employee who is believed to be responsible for the rape and murder of at least 6 young women from the Vancouver area.  He is currently incarcerated, convicted of the murder of Krysta Blake, but is eligible for parole in 2014.

Forrest has never been charged in connection with Grisim's case. Police continue to search for evidence linking him to his suspected crimes. A death certificate was issued for Jamie Grisim in 2009, 38 years after her disappearance.

Jamie's sister, Starr Lara, continues to search for Jamie and hopes for resolution in her case. A search fund has been set up for Jamie at Wells Fargo Bank. Donations can be made at any Wells Fargo Bank or by emailing

For more information on the disappearance of Jamie Grissim
 please visit:

Anyone with information 
is encouraged to contact:

Clark County Sheriff's Department
360-397-2020 or


"DNA clue may end 38 year mystery and a sister's pain", AOL News, 29 May 2010

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

James Lee Haynes

Sgt. James Lee Haynes, circa 1963

Vital Stats:

Race/ethnicity: Caucasian     Gender: M    Age: 32 years    DOB: 10 Aug 1931   Hair: N/A   
Eyes: N/A    Height: N/A   Weight: N/A 

Circumstances of disappearance:

James Lee Haynes disappeared on 7 Dec 1963 while hitchiking to his parent's home in Saulsville, WV. He was in the area intending to visit relatives for Christmas. He never arrived at his parent's home and has not been seen or heard from since.

Haynes was an army sergeant who had recently completed a tour of duty in Germany and was living in Baltimore, Maryland with his wife, Theta. Theta stayed in Baltimore with her children, while James travelled to West Virginia. She stated that James was carrying Christmas packages with him when he vanished.

Police believe that Haynes was involved in an altercation with three men at a local tavern earlier that day. Afterwards, the men followed Haynes from the tavern and ran him down as he walked along the road.  The suspects, unsure if Haynes was dead, backed their car over him again as he lay on the road. They put Haynes' body in the trunk of their vehicle at the scene in Raleigh County, then drove across the county line to Wyoming County. They buried Haynes in a large hollow on Bolt Mountain and nailed his dog tags to a tree. Searches of the area turned up Haynes dog tags, his wallet, and some bloody rags in a hollow tree stump, but his body was never recovered. Police stated that area was too large and the terrain too rough for a more thorough search.

 In 1971, William Lundy Trump was arrested in connection with Haynes' disappearance, but a lack of evidence eventually led to his release. James Paul Cozort, who was living in Oregon in 1971, was also questioned, but was never formally charged. The other suspect, James Floyd Cox was missing at the time of Trump's arrest and was never located by police. These suspects never admitted to involvement in Haynes' disappearance, but allegedly boasted to others about their crime.

Police conducted more than 150 interviews in their search for clues, but were not able to attain enough information for a conviction.

Theta Haynes, James' widow, stated that the US Army Criminal Investigation Division also investigated, but came up with nothing. Sgt. Haynes was declared deceased one year after his disappearance.

Some have speculated that Haynes may have fallen victim to the "Mad Butcher of Fayette County". Five other men were reported missing in the area between July of 1962 and Haynes disappearance in December of 1963.

On December 7, 1963, the same day that Haynes went missing, a dismembered body was discovered in a clearing 6 miles south of Pineville, on State Route 16. The victim was a white male, who had been deceased for some time at the time of discovery. The body was badly dismembered, but not significantly decomposed. The victims arms, legs and head had been removed and the torso cut in half. The lower part of the torso was wrapped in canvas which was tied together with mine explosive wire. Police believed the victim may have been Shirley Arthur, but were not certain. Shirley Arthur was an enlisted Navy man who was reported missing in October of 1963. Arthur was also last seen hitchiking near Pineville. The body was buried at Still Run in a grave marked 'unidentified male A' and no arrests have been made in connection with the slaying.

The partial remains of two other bodies were also discovered between 1962 and 1963. To date, only one of the bodies has been positively identified.

On April 9, 1963, bloody clothing riddled with stab marks, was discovered discarded on a roadside in the area around Oakhill.

Police have not been able to confirm that a connection exists between the six missing men and the identity of the "Mad Butcher", if he ever existed, remains a mystery. The disappearances of James Lee Haynes and the 5 other missing men of Oakhill remain unsolved.
Anyone with information is asked to contact
Raleigh County
Sheriff's Department


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