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Laurie Lynn Partridge

Laurie Lynn Partridge, 1974

Laurie Lynn Partridge; age 17
Vital Stats:

Race: Caucasian     Sex: Female    Age: 17 years    DOB: 13 May 1957  
Height: 5'0     Weight: 110 lbs
Hair: Blonde    Eyes: Blue    *Laurie has a mole on her right cheek

Clothing: Long navy blue hooded coat; a tan v-neck sweater; tan plaid pants; faded blue oxford shoes with crepe soles; She was carrying a brown leather purse with a blue flower on it and a braided shoulder strap

Circumstances of disappearance:

Laurie disappeared walking home from Ferris High School in Spokane, Washington on December 4, 1974. She left the school early that day, at around 12:30, because she was suffering from stomach cramps. She couldn't find a ride and thought that walking might help alleviate the cramps, so she set off on the 2 mile walk toward her home on the 5400 block of South Custer St. 

She was last seen walking down south down Havanna St. between 43rd and 49th avenues. She never arrived home and has not been heard from again.

Her family reported her missing when she failed to report for work at the Lincoln Heights Theater that evening. Police originally believed that Laurie might have run away. Laurie's family had once lived in California and she had expressed a desire to return there. Her family never believed Laurie would have left of her own accord. She was engaged to a 20-year-old local man and they were supposed to pick out an engagement ring the following evening. She also took a job working on her school newspaper and was a member of the school drill team.

Two days after she disappeared, the contents of Laurie's purse were found near the area where she was last seen.

Her father had given Laurie two tickets to an upcoming Beach Boys concert, taking place after the time she disappeared. Police went to the concert to see if Laurie would show up there. She was not seen, however. It was later confirmed that the tickets were used, but it was never determined who used them.

Laurie was the oldest of six siblings. Her family members are still searching for answers as to what happened to her. Three suspects were questioned in her case over the years following her disappearance, including Ted Bundy, but no arrests were ever made. Her case remains unsolved.

Anyone with information
is asked to contact:
Spokane County Sheriffs Department


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