Friday, December 10, 2010

The Martin Family--missing since December 7, 1958

Kenneth Martin 
Missing: December 7, 1958 from Multonah County, Portland, Oregon
Classification: Missing--Lost/Injured
Age: 54 years    Sex: M    Race/Ethnicity: Caucasian     Hair: N/A       Eyes: N/A
* Kenneth also goes by Ken

Barbara Martin

Classification: Missing--Lost/Injured 
Age: 48 years    Sex: F    Race/Ethnicity: Caucasian   Hair: Brown   Eyes: N/A

Barbie Martin; age 15 

Classification: Lost/injured Missing
Age: 15 years     Sex: F     Race/ethnicity: Caucasian      Hair: Blonde  Eyes: N/A
Height: N/A    Weight: N/A   Additional info: Barbara’s nickname is Barbie     
Circumstances of disappearance:     
Kenneth Martin, his wife Barbara and their three daughters, Barbie, 15, Susan, 12, and Virginia, 10 disappeared on December 7, 1958. They left their home on northeast 57th Ave in Portland, Oregon driving their Ford station wagon ( license plates: 1G-7156) headed toward Columbia Gorge, where they were planning to collect greenery to decorate their home for Christmas. They stopped at Cascade Locks to purchase gasoline and were also seen leaving a restaurant in Hood River, Oregon late in the afternoon. They have never been seen again.
In February 1959, tire tracks were discovered heading off of a cliff into the Columbia River, near The Dalles, Oregon. The tire tracks matched the tires on the martin’s vehicle. Also, in May of 1959, a river drilling rig near the area where the tire tracks were discovered, hooked something heavy and metal on its anchor. The item broke free before it could be pulled up, but it may have been the missing vehicle. A couple of days later, the bodies of Susan and Virginia were found downstream, near Bonneville Dam. They had both drowned. The rest of the family remain missing.
Police believe the Martin family may have accidentally drowned after driving into the river, or possibly the family was abducted and pushed off of the cliff. Attempts were made to search the river for further evidence, but no more was recovered. The search was called off after a diver nearly died. No further searches have been made and the case has been closed, but remains unsolved.


Anyone with information
 is urged to contact:
The Dalles Police Department
Multnomah County Sheriffs Department


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  1. There have been subsequent searches done, but due to time passing, years of silt, swift current, the car could be anywhere between the entry point and the dam.