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Missing: Scott Andreas Sims

Scott Andreas Sims, circa 1961

Missing: December 9, 1961 from Wichita Falls, Texas

Vital Stats:     Age: 11 years     Caucasian, male     Height: 4'11"    Weight: 90 lbs    
                        Hair color: Blonde             Eye color: blue

Clothing: Black coat over a black turtleneck, blue jeans and a knit cap. Andy wore glasses at the time of his disappearance.

*Scott Andreas Sims went by his nickname, Andy. His surname at birth was Scott Andreas Douglass.

Circumstances of disappearance:

Scott Andreas Sims was last seen in the early afternoon hours of December 9, 1961. He was at home with his older brother, Donald, while their mother was working. They were living in a corner house at 4600 Stanford Street in Wichita Falls, Texas, where they had been living for only a short time.
Andy’s mother, Ellen Sims, had been a nurse in 1961. She stated that Andy was at home around 12:30 pm when she called the house and spoke to Donald. Donald said that Andy left to go outside and play shortly after her call, at around 12:45 or 1:00 pm. He has never been seen again.
Ellen Sims returned home after her shift and a short shopping trip at around 2:30 pm. She sent Donald to search for Andy. Neighbors and family also participated in the search. The family reported him missing to police around 8pm that evening.
A large-scale search was launched, but turned up no evidence as to Andy’s whereabouts.
Police received multiple tips over the years, but no real leads. One witness reported seeing a young man matching Andy’s description at the Boy Scouts Hut near Lake Wichita around 3pm on the day he disappeared. The area around the lake was thoroughly searched and the lake was later dragged, but no trace of Andy was found.
Andy’s friends claimed that he was fond of playing in some caves near the Fairway Boulevard, but a search of that area also turned up no evidence.
Scott Andreas Sims remains missing under unknown circumstances. His case is still open and his family members continue to search for answers.
Anyone with information on Scott Andreas Sims
is asked to contact
Wichita Falls Police Department

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